Saturday, November 22, 2008

New J-dolls: Picasso Street East & West

Came home today and had a lovely package waiting for me - my new J-dolls! I wasn't expecting them so soon, so this was a nice surprise.

The dolls are gorgeous and very close to the prototypes, which is nice. (If you haven't seen the prototype pics yet check them out
here & here.) The coloring on the purple-haired doll is amazing! She's got turquoise eyes that really pop against her hair color.

I've decided to name them Rose Red (purple hair) and Snow White (pink hair) after the fairytale.
Not Snow White - this is a German fairy tale about two sisters and a bear. And, no, I didn't get the names backwards: Rose Red is the wild sister and Snow White is the gentle one, so going by their hairstyles the names seem to fit.

Check out the hair on the purple-haired girl: the back was standing straight up! Um, hello, Jun Planning, that's not a hair style! If she was punk, then sure, but this was more like leftover hair after they curled her hair into the two buns. Poor girl went to the hair salon the moment she was deboxed.

The outfits are so cute, except for the horrid cowboy boots. Ugh! I plan to replace those ASAP. Not sure with what . . . I need to look around and see what I can find.

Monday, November 17, 2008

So Excited! Premium Calendar Girl Jenny

Just won this doll on eBay and I'm totally doing the happy dolly dance! Love the hair and dress - she makes me think of candy for some reason. Very yummy!

Pic is from the auction . . . I'll be taking more pics when she arrives.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Dolls

I haven't had time to post recently, but new dolls have still been arriving!

Above is the 2008 Premium Excelina doll. This was the first time I got a premium doll! *_* Her outfit is really cool - the fabric is velvety, the pleated part of her skirt is silky, and yes, she's wearing bloomers!

I finally managed to get my hands on a green haired Color Change Kira. I've been searching for her for 2 years - can you say obsessed? hee!

Here's the 2008 Club 67 Birthday Jenny in a super cute Alice in Wonderland themed outfit.

Yes, the bunny is attached to her skirt. Pffft! Could you imagine someone walking around in this outfit in a human size?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Finally Giving In . . .

Just saw this Dal and I may finally break down and buy one. The Pullip & Dal dolls are super cute, but I haven't bought any yet as I've got too many other collections I'm trying to keep up with. Takara and Pullip producing so many new dolls is both awful and wonderful. Gah!

Anyway, I have a thing for platinum-haired dolls and this one is calling my name! ^_^

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fiona's New Dress

The lovely Miss Fiona just got this Sugar Mag dress and wanted to show it off. It's actually two pieces (top and skirt) and the fabric is satiny. Click on the pics below for a closer look.

And she's also wearing combat boots from Ixtee (from the
This Is Blythe online shop), which are probably the coolest doll shoes I've ever seen. They really lace up and come in tons of cool colors.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Update on Kitty Cape

I finally had the time to take pics of the Kitty Cape I got from Follow the White Rabbit. That's Nimue on the left in the cape and Oona on the right. It's made out of a plush felt or something and fits like a dream.

Remember when you were a kid and got new shoes and loved them so much you refused to take them off? Well, it's pretty hot here, but Nimue won't take the darn cape off!

And that's Strawberry-chan in the background, looking out the window. Also from Follow the White Rabbit. ^_^

Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Castle Doll - "Goldilocks"

My new Castle doll is finally here! And, yes, she's really Erika, but I'm calling her Goldilocks. I don't normally rename my Castle dolls, but the combination of all those curls and the sweet red ribbons is too fairytale-ish for me.

She's wearing a custom outfit that I bought just for her. Not exactly the dress I have in mind for her - I'm picturing red velvet with a laced corset, but it'll do for now. It's actually a very cute set . . . comes with a petticoat to puff out the skirt nicely and a headpiece with lots of lace, but I couldn't bear to cover up her ribbons.